Final Checklist: Undergraduate Students
Academic Advisement

Let's check how much you have learned so far about the U.S. academic life!

Using this self-evaluation chart to see how much you have learned as a result of these video- & Web-based activities.

(i)                   Print out this checklist and use it to evaluate your progress and overall comprehension.
Go to a printer-friendly page (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this page).

(ii)                 Give yourself a check [ ] in the YES! column for each of the topics that you have learned.

(iii)                If needed, you may go back to the activities page to check out the information you have missed.


I have learned about....


Declaring your Major

Where, when & how to meet with an academic advisor


What kind of help I can get from an academic advisor


What I should prepare or know about before meeting with an academic advisor


What it means by being an undeclared-major student


The approximate time frame for an undergraduate to declare major


The correct process to declare my major


The consequence of not declaring major within the time frame allowed



Transferring Credits

The rules and regulations regarding credits transfer


The benefits of transferring credits between different institutions


The advantages and disadvantages between taking classes at
2-year institutions and 4-year institutions


The various methods to transfer credits


What an articulation manual is


How to use or understand the articulation manual



Speeding up General Education (GE) Courses

What General Education or GE courses are


The difference between the ‘Lower Division’ and ‘Higher Division’ GE courses


The roles of placement tests (i.e., EPT, ELM) that every student is required to take before being admitted to the university


The various methods to speed up or ‘skip’ GE courses



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