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This web site is authored and developed as a project to be submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program, Educational Foundations and Interdivisional Studies (EFIS), Charter College of Education, California State University, Los Angeles. All individuals seen in the video clips are authentic students, staff, and faculty members of the respective university. The situations portrayed are fabricated according to the actual needs of each student participating in the project.


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The Objectives

This web site is designed for English as Foreign Language (EFL) and English as Second Language (ESL) learners who plan to further their higher education in U.S. colleges and universities. The Web developer intends to use the availability of computer technology and the Internet in order to:

  • Assist EFL/ESL students to become familiar with academic tasks and linguistic demands of U.S. higher education

  • Expose EFL/ESL students to authentic spoken language required to succeed in U.S. higher education tasks; specifically in academic advisement, library research, and important issues pertaining to international students

With web-streamed video clips capturing authentic conversations of authentic college students, staff, and faculty members of an urban State university, EFL/ESL learners can have unlimited input and practices at their own convenience and privacy. In addition, extensive web-interactive language activities accompanied each video clip will allow learners to self-assess their comprehension and expand their knowledge about U.S. academic community and common practices, authentic linguistic demands, and relevant vocabulary.

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The Target Audience

The activities in this web site are designed for high-intermediate EFL/ESL learners. It is especially suitable for learners who plan to attend or are pursuing their higher education in American colleges and universities. Learners can explore the activities on their own or in small groups as seen appropriate. With web interactivity, such as, real-time feedback and answer clues, which are integrated in all of the activities, learners can immediately assess their comprehension of the video clips and other information explored through various activities provided on the web site.

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The Selection of Video Clips

The authentic conversations seen in web-streamed video clips are divided into two main categories: academic advisement and library research. These topics are generated from the results of a needs assessment survey distributed to 50 ESL students attending an intensive English program at an urban state university in California.

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How to Use this Web Site

To fully benefit from this web site, here are some suggestions:

  • The activities in the web site are divided into three main categories: Library Research, Undergraduate Student Academic Advisement, and Graduate Student Academic Advisement.

  • Each category is further divided into multiple sub-topics with their corresponding activities.

  • You may choose to start the activities from any of those main pages.

  • Explore the activities in the order as shown at the top of each page; from step 1 onward.

  • Once finish all the activities on each page, complete the Final Checklist in order to assure your overall comprehension regarding the information provided on each page.

  • Glossary or words that are relevant to the activities will be in green color. There are two ways to display the word's description (try it now with the word 'green'):
        - By placing the mouse pointer over the word, a screen tip will appear.
        - By clicking the word, a small pop-up window with the word description will appear.    

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Required Software

In order to fully benefit from different types of information provided in this web site, you may need to download the following FREE software:

In order to view the video clips provided in the web site, Windows Media Player must be installed in the computer. Click HERE to download.

In order to view some pages that were created in the portable document format (.pdf), Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed in the computer. Click HERE to download.

Note: Please note that the Web Site Evaluation Survey page is best viewed with the Internet Explorer browser. If necessary, click HERE to download Internet Explorer.

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Your input to this web site development is very much appreciated. If there is any aspect of the web site that can be improved, please feel free to contact the web developer at the link provided on the bottom of each page, or simply click HERE.

Thank you very much for your interest and time exploring the web site. Hope you enjoy your visit. And if you do, please help spread the words.

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