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Fill-in-the-gap exercise

Fill in the gaps with appropriate words. List of words are provided above this exercise. If necessary, you may go back to the activities page to revisit the information provided in Steps 1 - 2.

   accuracy      AND NOT      Boolean      multiple      NEAR      OR      quotation   

When you want the search engine to take a string literally, use marks. Using quotes will also bring you more precise search results.

To search for words and phrases, enter the words without quotes and the search engine will return all catalogs that contain all the words in the query string. However, this method is not recommended since it will return more results with less .

Keywords allow you to enter operators that return the best results. When using these operators in your search, do not encapsulate your search string in quotes.

Use the operator , rather than AND, for keywords that are close to each other.
For example, using_ Masters in Business Administration NEAR Real Estate Finance _will return pages that have both of these terms ranked in order of proximity.

Refine your queries with the operator to exclude certain text from your search. For example, English as Second Language AND NOT English as Foreign Language will return pages that relate to English as Second Language that are not related to English as Foreign Language.

Add the operator to find all instances of either one word or another, for example: Computer Science OR Information Science will return all pages that mention Computer Science or Information Science or both.