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Fill-in-the-grap exercise

Fill in the gaps with appropriate words. List of words are provided above this exercise. If necessary, you may go back to the activities page to revisit the information provided in Steps 1 - 3.

   academic program      admission      descriptions      financial      graduate      preparation      specifying      tuition   

Peterson's Education Portal Web site offers a vast source of information regarding high-school, undergraduate, and program and college search, test , and financial aid, for example.

To search for graduate programs on the Peterson's Web site, you can either:
1) search for a list of academic programs by : field of study or , degree offered, and location of the institution;
2) search for detailed college by specifying: location, academic program, , size, student/faculty, GPA, types, sports, and religion. The type of information that you may get from detailed college descriptions search include, but not limited to, requirements, available aid resources, required test scores, and housing availability.