Final Checklist:
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Let's check how much you have learned so far about the U.S. academic life!

Using this self-evaluation chart to see how much you have learned as a result of these video- & Web-based activities.

(i)                   Print out this checklist and use it to evaluate your progress and overall comprehension.
Go to a printer-friendly page (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this page).

(ii)                 Give yourself a check [ ] in the YES! column for each of the topics that you have learned.

(iii)                If needed, you may go back to the activities page to check out the information you have missed.


I have learned about....


Starting Online Research for Papers

The preparations I should follow before doing an academic research


Where I can get help when doing an academic research


What I need to have in order to conduct a research online


What electronic or 'online' databases are


What a research topic is


What a keyword is



Restricting the Search

What it means by 'defining' a topic


The importance of identifying 'keywords' and 'alternatives'


The types of 'restrictions' usually available on the advanced search page of online databases


The difference in results yielded when using a 'full term' to search the databases, as opposed to using an 'acronym'



Boolean Operators

What 'Boolean operators' are


The meaning of 'AND,' 'OR,' and 'NOT' operators


The importance of using Boolean operators in online research



Search Results

The types of information I should look for when reading the search results page


What a (journal) 'source' is


What an 'abstract' is


What a 'descriptor' is



Saving Search Results

The best way to save the search results and how to do it



Program Directory
by Subjects

The type of information that College Blue Book offers


The search criterion used when searching from College Blue Book


What 'B,' 'M,' and 'D' acronyms signify as used in College Blue Book 


Where or how you can access College Blue Book



Program Directory
by Schools

The type of information that the Peterson's guide offers


The search criterion used when searching from the Peterson's guide


Where or how you can access the Peterson's guide



Online College Catalogs

The types of information that College Source Web site offers


The different types of search methods used in the College Source's Advanced Search page


The various search strategies that you can use to get more precise search results


Where or how you can access College Source


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