Reading/Printing Articles from Microfilms

Instructions on how to read and photocopy materials from a microfilm
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In order to read or photocopy materials on a microfilm, follow these steps:

1) Take the microfilm out from its box.

2) the hole in the middle of the reel with the reel holder, and push it in.

3) Pull the handle of the microform reader/printer towards yourself until the glasses .

4) Slowly pull out the film from its reel, pass under the spool, then through the glass , and snap it into the turning spool on the right.

5) Turn the spool a few to make sure the film is properly wound.

6) Push the handle and turn on the microform reader/printer machine.

7) Adjust the rotation using the rotating , if needed.

6) Adjust the clarity of the screen using the rings, if needed.

7) To slowly browse the pages, turn the spool to the left or right directions until you see the page you want on the screen.

8) To browse the pages, use the spool motor located on the right.

8) To make a photocopy, insert the library's copy card into the machine located on the top of the microfrom reader/printer, then press the green Print button.

9) The copy will come out in the tray below the machine.

10) When finish using the microfilm, it back to its reel using the spool motor until almost the end, turn the spool so that the film will not be damaged.

11) Put the microfilm reel in its box and place it in the Microfilm Return box located on the top of microfilm cabinets.