Final Checklist:
Library's Periodicals Desk

Let's check how much you have learned so far about the U.S. academic life!

Using this self-evaluation chart to see how much you have learned as a result of these video- & Web-based activities.

(i)                   Print out this checklist and use it to evaluate your progress and overall comprehension.
Go to a printer-friendly page (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this page).

(ii)                 Give yourself a check [ ] in the YES! column for each of the topics that you have learned.

(iii)                If needed, you may go back to the activities page to check out the information you have missed.


I have learned about....


Searching for
a Newspaper Article

What 'periodical materials' are


The use of the 'Periodicals Index'


How the periodical materials are broadly arranged


Where to find current newspaper issues


Where to find older newspaper issues


The two methods that a library user can search for journal materials from Cal State L.A. library's Journal Search page



Locating a Journal Article:
Understanding a Citation

What a 'citation' is and the types of information displayed on a citation page


What a 'Library Catalog' is


What a 'database' is


The difference between the citation retrieved from a database and the one retrieved from the Library Catalog


What an 'abstract' is


The type of information the "Library has" statement provides


The information that a library user needs to have in order to locate a specific journal article



Locating a Journal Article:
Latest Received Link

The type of information displayed on the 'Latest Received' page


What it means by 'missing,' 'bnd prp,' 'arrived,' and 'expected' on the Latest Received information page



Locating a Journal Article:
Online Database Search

The extent to which a library user can access the databases


What an ‘accession number' is


What a 'descriptor' is


The correct procedures a library user should follow in order to locate articles found from a database search



Reading/Printing Articles from Microfiche Cards

What a 'microform' is


What a 'microfiche' is


The types of library materials that are usually preserved in the microform format


The main reason of preserving library materials in the microform format


How to operate the machine in order to read or photocopy the printed materials on the microfiche cards


Where to return microfiche cards after use



Reading/Printing Articles from Microfilms

What a 'microfilm' is


The difference between microfiche and microfilm


How to operate the machine in order to read or photocopy the printed materials on microfilms


Where to return microfilms after use



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