Final Checklist:
Library's Loan and Reserves Desk

Let's check how much you have learned so far about the U.S. academic life!

Using this self-evaluation chart to see how much you have learned as a result of these video- & Web-based activities.

(i)                   Print out this checklist and use it to evaluate your progress and overall comprehension.
Go to a printer-friendly page (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this page).

(ii)                 Give yourself a check [ ] in the YES! column for each of the topics that you have learned.

(iii)                If needed, you may go back to the activities page to check out the information you have missed.


I have learned about....


Checking Out Books

The borrowing privileges for different types of library patrons


The type of library patrons that I fall into


How to check out books from a U.S. library


What 'recall' means


The different methods to renew books (name at least two)



Returning Books

What a 'loan period' is


What a 'recall period' is


What a 'late fee' is and when it will be imposed


What numbers of 'renewals' and 'maximum items checked out' are



Class Materials

What ‘reserved class materials' or 'reserves' are


The typical length of loan periods for reserves


The two methods that library patrons can search for reserves


What 'library use only' means



Picking up ILL Materials

What an ‘Interlibrary Loan' or 'ILL' is


The different methods to request for materials via ILL


The types of library materials that can be requested via ILL


The length of time it normally takes before the library patron will get the ILL materials requested


The loan period and maximum numbers of items that a library patron is entitled to for ILL materials



Losing Library Materials

The consequence of losing a library material


The different types of charges imposed by the material replacement process


What a 'replacement cost' is


What a 'processing fee' is


What an 'applicable use fee' is


The alternative method to replace the lost material


The criteria for the materials replacement as stated by Cal State L.A. library



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