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A library is the place where various educational resources are housed. Some collections that you can find in a library include, but not limited to, books, journals, periodicals, references materials, microforms, electronic collection, multimedia collection, etc. Much of the time during the college years of every student is probably well spent in the library; doing research, searching for books or articles, or simply using one of the computer stations provided.

Thus, knowing how to efficiently use the resources available at the library is a great advantage to your academic success.

The video- and Web-based activities in this section are divided into four main categories according to its function. Each categories are further divided into sub-topics.


They are designed to expose you to some common tasks in using the library's various resources, including how to utilize those resources in the most efficient way.

Click on any link below to access the topic of your interest.

Information Desk

Reference Center

Loan & Reserves Desk

Periodicals Desk

Note: All the clips shown in this section are videotaped at the library of California State University, Los Angeles. All individuals appeared in the video clips are actual students and staff at the respective university.

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