Final Checklist: Graduate Students
Academic Advisement

Let's check how much you have learned so far about the U.S. academic life!

Using this self-evaluation chart to see how much you have learned as a result of these video- & Web-based activities.

(i)            Print out this checklist and use it to evaluate your progress and overall comprehension. Go to a printer-friendly page (You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this page).

(ii)           Give yourself a check [ ] in the YES! column for each of the topics that you have learned.

(iii)          If necessary, you may go back to the activities page to check out the information that you have missed.


I have learned about....


Program Planning:
Program Requirements

The role of an academic advisor


The purpose of a program planning


What a ‘prerequisite’ is and its importance


What a ‘required course’ is and its importance


What an ‘elective course’ is and its importance



Program Planning:
Elective Courses

The types of courses that students can take as electives


The purpose of having students take elective courses



Program Planning:
Degree Completion Options

What a ‘degree completion option’ is and its importance


What a ‘thesis’ option is and its importance


What a ‘project’ option is and its importance


What a ‘comprehensive examination’ option is and its importance



Program Planning:
Signing a Contract

What a ‘program contract’ is and its importance


The type of information required on the program contract sheet


The process the student needs to follow in order to make changes to the information entered on the program contract


How the student contacts the academic advisor after this meeting


How to keep track of all the courses to be taken while studying in the program



Applying for
a Master’s in Business Administration

What the MBA program is about


The type of information provided on the MBA program Web site


The admission services that are provided 'online' for applicants


The steps the applicants need to follow when submitting their applications for the MBA Program


The application filing periods for the desired quarter of admission


The difference between ‘domestic’ and ‘international’ applicants


General admission requirements (minimum GPA, GMAT and TOEFL test scores, etc.) required for ‘international’ applicants



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